John has over 25 years of personal training experience as well as holding major Amateur Body building championships. John has successfully trained hundreds of individuals to meet and exceed their fitness goals. He has developed a very effective weight training and nutrition program that really works and he has the proof, just ask his Clients!

John is committed to helping people of all ages realize their potential and to obtain optimal health. He has an understanding of the unique needs of his clients. John has adapted a training style that meets the needs of the fast paced busy life style of his professional clients.

The Staff and Trainers at The Sanctuary are hand picked by John himself and then taught his unique approach to fitness. John will personally analyze the needs, goals and personality of each individual client to insure a perfect match between trainer and our client.

Just A Few Of John Kings Accomplishments:

5th Place 1998
9th Place 1999
11th Place 2000
South West USA
Golds Classic
Palm Coast
First Coast
Mr. Florida

John King has also won numerous 2nd and 3rd place finishes in National Competitions.

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